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« After You, Mr. Gershwin » from Béla Kovács

« Off Piste » from Svante Henryson

The four Swiss musicians of the Tetrapod Ensemble, Nuriia Khasenova flute, Damien Bachmann, clarinet, Christoph Croisé, violoncello, and François-Xavier Poizat, piano, want to discover, that is their motto, exciting contemporary works. They have recorded some for their first CD. {…} Guillaume Connesson’s colorful Techno Parade is dedicated to the three virtuosos who premiered the work: pianist Eric Le Sage, clarinetist Paul Meyer and flutist Emmanuel Pahud. As the composer put it, « Written for flute, clarinet and piano, my Techno Parade consists of one movement with a steady beat from beginning to end. Two infectiously vital motifs swirl around and bang into each other, giving the piece at once a festive and unsettling character. » After this percussive interruption, « the three instruments are drawn into a rhythmic trance, ending the piece at a frenetic pace. » And that’s exactly what you hear in this riveting performance, in which Damien Bachmann’s virtuosity is totally mesmerizing.