Basilea Wind Quintet

Founded in Basel in 2018, the Basilea Wind Quintet is formed by talented musicians from the Hochschule für Musik Basel. Héléna Macherel on flute, Kelsey Maionaro on oboe, Damien Bachmann on clarinet, François Rieu on horn and Donatien Bachmann on bassoon.

Wishing to represent this formation which is too rare in Switzerland, they studied from their beginnings with renowned musicians such as Sergio Azzolini and Felix Renggli. They regularly work with different composers like Mike Svoboda or Daniel Schnyder. The Basilea Wind Quintet is also improving with Frederic Sanchez Muñoz – flautist of the Ensemble Azahar and winner of the ARD competition – who becomes at over the years the mentor of the whole.

This group performs regularly in Switzerland and internationally. Appreciated by the critics, it stands out by a strong personality due to the multiculturalism that composes it. In recent years, the Basilea Wind Quintet has invested a lot in the music of the 20th century, a key period in the repertoire for wind quintet during which composers explore and apply new techniques instrumental. Its members now want to continue this momentum while getting closer other exciting musicians in order to develop the chamber music repertoire including the wind quintet.

The Basilea Wind Quintet is the winner of the Orpheus Swiss Chamber Music Competition 2019 and participated at the Carl Nielsen Woodwind Quintet Competition in 2019.